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Specialized Team in Judicial and Extrajudicial Negotiation

RMW has an exclusive and autonomous team dedicated to negotiation, with extensive experience in preparing and conducting negotiation campaigns in the civil and labor spheres, aiming, depending on the focus, to recover assets, reduce the number of demands or decrease the Judicial and extrajudicial liabilities, through direct contacts or partnership with conciliation bodies of the Judiciary.

Through negotiation techniques and professionals trained and specialized in each area, we work in accordance with goals set by each client and we have achieved high performance of success.

To do this, we identify and evaluate the context of each case to develop the best approach and establish the best negotiation parameters, thus obtaining maximum concessions for the benefit of the party we represent.

There are, of course, many advantages of the agreements through conciliation, among them: (i) financial gain, either in the recovery of assets or in the reduction of contingencies, depending on the objective; (Ii) cost savings, avoiding expenses with operational costs to maintain the demands; (Ii) speed in obtaining the result, speeding up the extinction of demand or avoiding unnecessary action; (Iv) reduction of risk of procedural contingency (risk of not being legally successful in terms of merit) and (v) constitution of more robust debt securities and guarantees in order to protect in the event of default.

It is important to emphasize that conciliation, as a form of conflict resolution, has been encouraged and valued by the law and by the Judiciary itself, which provides instruments to stimulate reconciliation and maintains successive National Conciliation Weeks, in an attempt to create a new culture in Brazil Of valuing the agreement, to the detriment of the endless litigation that overwhelms our Courts.


Roberto Poli Rayel Filho

Sandra Regina Miranda Santos

Sueli Arruda M. Weigand Berna

Tatiana Weigand Berna Rayel